Resilience—A Sansei Sense of Legacy

October 2-December 22

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Oregon’s Nikkei: An American Story of Resilience

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JAMO Museum

Sharing and preserving Japanese American history and culture in Portland’s Old Town neighborhood, where Japantown once thrived.

Formerly known as the Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center, JAMO at Naito Center is a venue for culture and research as well as an invaluable resource for exploring Nikkei experiences and their role in Oregon's multicultural community. Our permanent exhibit space highlights Issei immigration and early life in Oregon, Nihonmachi (Japantown), life after Executive Order 9066 (including the Portland Assembly Center), and contemporary Nikkei life.

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Latest news

Japanese American Museum of Oregon:

We've been watching this creation unfold, and we're so excited to be able to see the finished mural every day from our front door. Thank you to @blanchethouse and Campographic for bringing more beautiful art to the neighborhood ☺️

Japanese American Museum of Oregon:

RT @NtlVetNetwork: Pictured are Alohas, a baseball team made up of Japanese American soldiers of 100th Inf. Bat. #WWII from Hawaii. While at Camp McCoy for training,they played games all over Wisconsin & were a huge draw, impressing fans with their speed and incredible fielding. #USArmy @MLB #Nisei

Japanese American Museum of Oregon:

Thank you so much to the @NtlVetNetwork for coming to Portland to meet with our local educators, and for visiting our museum! We look forward to continuing to work together to educate our students on the Japanese American WWII experience.