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Beatrice Stevens, Ally at Home

By Erin Schmith Category:Blog Post, Exhibits, From the Archives

Beatrice Stevens, Ally at Home By Marie Hashimoto Photo courtesy of Urban League of Portland Records, 1945-2008 (MSS UrbanLeague), Oregon State University Special Collections and Archives Research Center, Corvallis, Oregon.

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A look back at the history of Obon in Portland, Oregon

By JAMO Category:Blog Post, From the Archives

Obon is a Japanese and Japanese American Buddhist summertime festival for celebrating one’s ancestors with Bon Odori (dances), lanterns, and food offerings at temples or Butsudan (home altars). This tradition

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In the Library: Paintings by Shiuko Sakai

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Shiuko Sakai was a beloved elder in the Japanese American community, a world traveler, a decorated civilian administrator for the US army, and a painter. Once Shiuko moved back to

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In the library: Day of Remembrance

By JAMO Category:Blog Post, Exhibits, From the Archives

Day of Remembrance Mini Exhibit February 19 is the Japanese American Day of Remembrance, a time to reflect on the impact of the incarceration of Japanese Americans in the United

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