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All curricula are designed as stand-alone instructional pieces but can also be easily supplemented with a visit to the museum or a classroom visit by a member of JAMO staff or Speakers Bureau.

The Hood River Incident: Gaining Understanding Through Analyzing Primary Source Documents (2023)
This lesson pivots around a single moment during WWII. In November of 1944, American Legion Post 22 in Hood River, Oregon voted to remove the names of 16 Nisei (second-generation Japanese American) soldiers from the public Honor Roll billboard listing all the service members from Hood River County. In this lesson, students will analyze letters, newspaper articles, and other documents to create and share a timeline of events surrounding the incident. The development of this lesson was made possible through the generous support of the Portland JACL and Oregon Nisei Veterans.

Themes covered: Racism & Reconciliation

Grades 7-8 Lesson Plan
Grades 9-12 Lesson Plan
Portland’s Nihonmachi (Japantown) (2023)
This mini unit engages students in developing an understanding of the early Portland Japanese American experience through analyzing images, videos, maps, music, text and more. This unit was created by Tiffany Koyama Lane using Quality Teaching for English Learners (QTEL) strategies. The development of this unit was made possible by two generous grants from the Portland Chapter of the Japanese American Citizen League (JACL) and the National JACL Legacy Fund Grants Program. 

Themes covered: Local History, Community, Responsible Action
Grade Levels: 3-8

Unit at a Glance
Unit Slide Deck