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Allie Takahashi: Fabric & Skin

May 11–July 3, 2019

Allie Takahashi is an artist & tattooer based in Oakland, California. Combining divinatory methods with collage, painting, and installation, Takahashi uses the visual language of ukiyo-e (Edo-period Japanese woodblock prints) to evoke dynamics of intergenerational trauma and healing, specifically in the context of Japanese American experiences.

Uranai refers to the process of looking behind the curtain of the visible world for divine guidance. Takahashi’s surreal figures of fabric, limbs, and cord express the fluidity of ancestral connection between realms of past and present, material and spirit, living and dead. In this space Takahashi invites you to meditate on the ghosts of fragmented selves, the weight of silence, the violence of assimilation, and the possibilities of liberation and political resistance through ancestral healing.