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Celebrate Portland—and Oregon’s Japanese Americans—on new Google Arts & Culture Page

Celebrate Portland—and Oregon’s Japanese Americans—on new Google Arts & Culture Page

Google Arts & Culture is placing the spotlight on Portland with a new page dedicated to what makes the city great—its rich and diverse cultural landscape of arts, culinary, and natural offerings. The Japanese American Museum of Oregon is featured on this page, along with 16 local partners, showcasing the sites, stories, and arts of Portland.

Through 75+ captivating stories, anyone anywhere can immerse themselves in Oregon’s enduring Indigenous and Asian roots, learn about the city’s award-winning cuisine, and discover up-and-coming artists. This project gives an opportunity for Portlanders to rediscover their own city, and inspire newcomers; from the serenity of Japanese gardens to the energy of the longest-running African Film Festival in the U.S.

When you visit the page—titled Profoundly Portland—you can explore the city by neighborhood and learn the origins of its many nicknames.  Check out the culinary history of Portland’s Japanese American community, meet local Native artists, scroll through Alex Chiu’s portraits of the Chinatown community, and learn about the lost city of Vanport. Then explore local galleries, festivals, and performing arts venues. Click on any of these features to engage more deeply with a specific story or explore what Portland’s cultural institutions have to offer.

In addition to the highlights included on the Profoundly Portland page, the Japanese American Museum of Oregon has its own landing page with over 130 objects from the collection and five digital mini exhibits about Portland’s Japanese American community. In a three-part story, you can explore 140 years of community history through food. Another story features the museum’s collection of art made by Japanese Americans who were incarcerated during World War II. View objects, photographs, and documents that span the full range of the museum’s collection, from early immigration to today.

Other organizations included in the project include:

  • Architectural Heritage Center
  • Art in Oregon
  • Blue Sky, Oregon Center for the Photographic Arts
  • Caldera
  • Cascade Festival of African Films
  • Japanese American Museum of Oregon
  • Native Arts and Cultures Foundation – Center for Native Arts and Cultures
  • Oregon Contemporary
  • Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education
  • Portland Art Museum
  • Portland Chinatown Museum
  • Portland Institute for Contemporary Art – PICA
  • Portland Japanese Garden
  • Portland Playhouse
  • Rice Museum of Rocks & Minerals
  • The Vanport Mosaic

Google Arts & Culture has featured other U.S. cities in the past, but Portland is the first Northwest city to have its own page. The mission of the project is to make the world’s culture accessible to anyone, anywhere, providing a doorway to explore art, history, and wonders of the world. Featuring over 3,000 cultural institutions from 85 countries, users can discover stories about cultural heritage as diverse as Van Gogh’s bedroom paintings, Puerto Rico’s heritage, Sports in Australia or the women’s rights movement to ancient Maya temples, Japanese Food, and Indian Railways.