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Letter 2022.24.300

    Letter 2022.24.300

    December 5

    Commander J. Edington
    American Legion
    Hood River, Ore.

    Dear Commander Edington,

    We strongly feel that you are entitled to our vote as the most un-American American of the year. Surely in times like these when everyone is doing his utmost to insure a just and lasting peace, there is no room for a person with sentiments as yours.

    It is beyond our comprehension that a man who holds a high office in the American Legion – an organization which is supposedly comprised of men who have fought for the same principles that our brothers and fathers are fighting for today – should endorse such a bigoted movement. We hope that this action will not serve as an example for other communities who have sacrificed their loved ones in this war.

    Those men whose names were erased from your community’s war memorial are giving up just as much as any other members of the Armed Forces. It makes no difference of what race, creed, or color they are; they are all fighting for those principles that we believe in. Yet here at home you are deliberately violating these sacred principles. We hope that by your own volition or by popular opinion these names will be reinscribed on your war memorial.

    “All men are created equal” – but evidently not in your eyes.

    The Pillips-Exeter Academy,
    New Hampshire
    (Box 203)