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Letter 2022.24.31

    Letter 2022.24.31

    Letter 2022.24.31:

    March 2, 1945

    American Legion Post
    Hood River, Oregon

    Dear Sir:

    As a soldier and former sailer, may I state in reference to your organization,

    You Lousy Hypocrites!

    Since when does American mean ‘white’. I’m refering [referring] specifically to hero Pvt Frank Hachiya. You have a nerve telling your organization (American?) Legion.

    Such action by a so-called serviceman’s representative organization is evidence of a false program based upon un-American ideals. My post-war membership will go to an organization other than a hypocritical one.

    Sgt Pat O’Connell
    Reconditioning Service
    A.S.F. Convalescent Hosp.
    Camp Carson, Colorado