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Letter 2022.24.484

    Letter 2022.24.484

    Dec. 15-1944
    Hood River American Legion Post #
    Hood River, Oregon

    Dear Comrades,

    I wish to tell you at this time, while you are receiving so much criticism, that I whole heartedly approve your actions regarding the Japs.

    We cannot assimilate them—cannot generally intermarry, and cannot ever distinguish one of the so-called “good ones” from the bad ones.

    They always designate themselves as Japanese-Americans—not as American-Japanese.

    If some of these big-hearted-loud-mouthed sof sisters could only personally see what is happening to our soldiers and know how much information was supplied Japan from this Coast they would have very different ideas.

    I have had the pleasure of heling organize an American Legion Post and I can assure you if a Jap ever joins it I will leave.

    We have a cancer infecting our nation—a very small Jap minority. Let us remove the cancer, even while so doing we injure a certain amount of our national body (the small minority) that there be no further spreading of the disease.

    Your Comrade,
    Geo R. Martin
    Corbett, Ore

    P.S. I belong to the Legion and the V.F.W.